Mark Murphy’s latest column says nothing about Aaron Rodgers

Last month, Packers CEO Mark Murphy’s online Q&A created a firestorm when he replied to a question that didn’t even mention quarterback Aaron Rodgers by saying that the situation with Rodgers “has divided our fan base.”

This month, Murphy’s column makes no mention of the biggest issue still engulfing the franchise.

There’s nothing. No question about Rodgers (surely, Murphy got some) and no answer that takes a hard turn toward the guy Murphy later called a “complicated fella.”

The silence this month is nearly as conspicuous as the gratuitous mention from last month. It suggests a realization by Murphy that he made a mistake in his June column, especially in light of the sharp criticism he received after what he wrote and what he later said.

Murphy can’t stay silent on the matter for much longer. The team’s annual shareholder meeting happens on July 26. He’ll have to come up with something to say on an issue that definitely is complicated, fella.