Montana lake visitors rescue skunk with head stuck in pickle jar

A Montana man said he and his friends rescued a skunk spotted with a pickle jar stuck over its head while they were visiting a lake.

Bob Wilson said he was visiting Flathead Lake with some friends when he saw a skunk attempting to free its head from a glass jar.

Wilson said the animal was knocking the jar against the base of a tent cabin, but the jar appeared to be too tight to budge.

Wilson alerted his friends to the situation and they used a box to contain the skunk’s body and keep it still while they pulled the jar from its head.

He said the skunk was able to go free without any apparent injuries and Wilson and his friends were able to walk away without having been sprayed.

The Peel Regional Police in Ontario, Canada, recently shared footage of a similar rescue that ensued when an officer spotted a skunk with a McDonald’s McFlurry cup over its head.

“What do you get when a Police officer and a skunk cross? Law and Odor,” the department joked.